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About The World of Amy

The World of Amy is a safe space of illustrations, words, and wellbeing in which to find your inner sparkle. However you’re feeling, whatever you’ve experienced, wherever you are, I want to help you discover the thing that brings you back to your true self. Doodling and moving bring me back to me, and I wanted to share it with you too. I lived for so many years with deep anxiety, low self-esteem, low mood. Sometimes these feelings and thoughts bubble up again, even now. What I come back to each and every time are movement, breath, drawing, and writing.


In those difficult times, drawing, writing, creating and practising yoga on my terms, gently and regularly, helped me feel grounded yet lighter.  I realised these were easy things that I could go through the motions with without needing to think too much. Slowly, it dawned that anxious and low thoughts were symptomatic of being disconnected from myself, rather than truth. The answer to my anxiety was not to be found in the hamster wheel of thoughts, nor in a huge life shift (“we HAVE to move to New Zealand, darling, - that’s the only way to feel better.”) or dramatic dénoument (“Everything has to stop. Now.”). I found peace doing simple things, regularly, and in accepting whatever I was feeling. It was ok not to always feel ok.


My path since has wound its way through a decade of design and editorial experience for a global children’s school publisher, as well as yoga and mindfulness trainings with many inspiring practitioners. These include Francesca Sanlorenzo at Yoga London, Janine Hurley at Creative Calm, Ellie Grace, Our Mala, Harriet McAtee at Nourish Yoga, Shaura Hall at the Minded Insititute, and Shamash Alidina. I’ve developed a specialism in accessible practice, mental health support and post-traumatic growth. The excuse to live in comfy leggings has been a huge plus. All the while I have continued to doodle, create, and write in my own time, creating cosy nests around me in which to rest, heal and grow. The World of Amy is my way of bringing all of this learning, making and cosiness together to share with you to connect with yourself again.


Over the years I have studied and continue to study the reasons why these things work, and if you’re interested I can explain it over a chat - there is an evidence base behind it all - but why bring the hamster wheel of thoughts back into the picture again when the most important thing is to simply have a go. Don’t overthink it. Explore the site, try a yoga class, do a doodle, write something. I promise that simply doing it, going through the motions, you’ll realise one day that life feels simpler and easier.  At which point, all you need to do is keep on doing what you’re doing and live your beautiful, winding, and imperfectly human life.

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