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About Amy

Hello, I'm Amy. I feel the stories around me deeply, and send them out into the world through writing and drawing.


Through difficult times, drawing, writing and practising yoga on my terms, gently and regularly, helped me feel grounded yet lighter.  I realised these were easy things that I could go through the motions with without needing to think too much. Slowly, it dawned that anxious and low thoughts were symptomatic of being disconnected from myself, rather than truth. The answer to my anxiety was not to be found in the hamster wheel of thoughts, nor in a huge life shift (“we HAVE to move to New Zealand, darling, - that’s the only way to feel better.”) or dramatic dénoument (“Everything has to stop. Now.”). I found peace doing simple things, regularly, and in accepting whatever I was feeling. It was ok not to always feel ok.


My career path has wound its way through 17 years of design and editorial experience for global children’s school publishers, as well as yoga and mindfulness trainings with many inspiring practitioners. I hold an MA in Illustration from Falmouth University. This experience now combines like Captain Planet to feed directly into my illustration and writing. I feel the unheard stories and bring them to light in whatever format is most appropriate. The ability of a picturebook to illuminate and connect across generations makes them a very special form for me. 


Please do explore my portfolio, or take some time out and try a yoga class, do a doodle, write something. I hope that by simply doing it, going through the motions, it'll make today a little better and the world a little more connected. I'd love to hear from you to help make sense of this beautiful, winding, and imperfectly human life for future generations.

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