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Ever since I can remember, I have been drawing or doodling. Even when I should have been doing my day job. For a long time, I didn't realise how important that fact was. Then I noticed how happy and sparkly it made me when I drew. I decided to listen to this happy sparkle. And so, my lovelies, here we are. Quite honestly, it's a wonder we didn't get here sooner because it continues to connect and to heal. But that's by the by. 

I play with images and words to explore how they support each other and play together to foster connection and embodied healing in this crazy world.

I hold an MA in Illustration from Falmouth University, and am passionate about feeling the unheard stories in the world and bringing them to light. 

Check out the gift ideas below, or for picture book and editorial projects, please explore my portfolio.



Unique hand-drawn illustrations of you, your family unit, partnership or team. Your team is special, however it is made up, however long it’s been a unit for. I adore helping you capture and celebrate the unique sparkly individuals that come together to make a wonderful whole.


From our earliest moments, we interact with places and the people around us there. These interactions blend to form special associations and memories, informing our early development and sense of belonging. 

It means so much to me to help you capture the memories of a special place in your heart, or to help you make memories in a new one. 


Got an idea for an illustration project?

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