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The World of Amy

UK-based author & illustrator 

I feel stories & draw them.



I'm Amy Malloy - author & illustrator

Let's put the kettle on and get to know each other.

I’m SO glad you’re here.

I use drawing, writing and wellbeing practices to celebrate connection: between others and back to the self. I'm passionate about storytelling and communication in all its forms, especially when it can be used to bring embodied healing and learning to future generations.

With love & light, Amy x

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What people say

Amy is a wonderful teacher, who very quickly puts you at your ease and makes you feel relaxed and safe in your surroundings. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found Amy’s course extremely helpful and often very powerful.  Thank you so much!  

Your illustrations are so beautiful and have added a huge amount of sparkle to our day. Thank you so much! 

After your doodling session, I felt so much calmer and more productive. I found myself continuing to colour for another half an hour and I felt so much more creative and lovely as a result.


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